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Quality Department Store Clothing
Starting at only $1.00 per piece

Nice clothing lots from Wal Mrt. These are mixed season lots with a nice variety of items. Some of them have nice jeans and outerwear. Great deal at this price point. Items can include:
Jeans, pants, shorts, dresses, polo shirts, oxford shirts, tee shirts, outerwear, and more.
This is good clothing for marketplaces that need good quality clothing at a low price. We have many retailers and wholesalers that sell clothing at $3.00 to $8.00 and up. It's not hard to make money when your cost per piece is under $1.50 and even easier when it is under $1.00 per piece.
Available by the container or by the pallet.
Standard and Premium Lots
Standard lots include primarily T shirts, shorts, and pants
Premium lots include standard lots plus jeans, outerwear, dress shirts, and other higher than average retail items.
Best Prices Around for Good Quality Department Store clothing
Standard Lots
1,000 piece pallet $1.35 per piece or $1,350
3,000 pieces $1.15 per piece or $3,450
14,000 piece/20 foot container
$1.00 per piece or $14,000
Good for warm weather countries.
Call for larger quantities
Premium Lots
1,000 piece pallet $1.45 per piece or $1,450
3,000 pieces $1.25 per piece or $3,750
14,000 piece /20 foot container
$1.10 per piece or $15,400
Good most anywhere
Call for larger quantities
Both lots include approximately 20% accessories. Accessories are bras, panties, underwear, pajamas, etc... The accessories are nice.
Offerings to fit any size operator from a single booth flea market vendor up to complete containers.
Limited availability at these prices.
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