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General Merchandise Pallets
Wholesale pallets, closeout pallets, returns pallets, overstock pallets, clothing pallets, and more.
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surplus pallets housewares pallets closeout pallets
general merchandise pallets electronics pallets clothing pallets
A pallet by definition is a piece of wood approximately 4 feet by 4 feet used to stack merchandise on. The merchandise can be large items placed on a pallet like compressors or other large shop equipment. Merchandise can be stacked on a pallet and shrink wrapped. This is common with medium size items, especially when they are in boxes. Merchandise can be packed in multiple boxes and the boxes stacked on a pallet. Merchandise can be loaded in a Gaylord box which is nearly the entire width of the pallet and of varying height. This is common with mixed general merchandise.

We offer truckloads of wholesale pallets with a wide variety of merchandise. Closeout pallets, returns pallets, surplus pallets, and more. Products can include include:
Mixed general merchandise pallets, tool pallets, electronics pallets, housewares pallets, sporting goods pallets, domestics and bedding pallets, hardware pallets, toy pallets, clothing pallets, and more.

We recommend DIRECT SHIPPED truckloads of general merchandise pallets. We do not recommend purchasing pallets or truckloads from a distributors warehouse. DIRECT SHIPPED truckloads guard against cherry picking by middlemen and keep shipping costs to a minimum.

Wholesale pallets of mixed general merchandise, closeout pallets, clothing pallets, electronics returns pallets, and more pallets by the truckload can provide you with products to sell at deep discounts while maintaining good profit margins.

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