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Home Depot Tools Truckloads
Hand Tools, Power Tools, Shop Equipment, and more.

Tools, Pressure Washers, Compressors, Lawn and Garden, and More.

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Lithium Ion Tools Tool Truckloads
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Most of the Big Box Retailers Like Home Depot and Lowes currently sell their excess tool inventory and clean customer returns on eBay and other online retail websites. Some sell small lots of tools on auction websites that market to beginners and buyers with limited knowledge of liquidation products that pay crazy high prices for the few lots available. Can you make money buying Tool Truckloads at 50% of Retail? Most of the large national programs for the Big Box Tool Retailers only offer mixed lots with a few tools and a lot of other stuff like locks, thumbtacks, mailbox posts, seasonal items, storage containers, garbage cans, etc. No more national branded tool truckload programs.
Fortunately some of the store managers have authorization to sell directly without using the national programs. We deal with several stores in Texas and Georgia on truckloads of tools, shop equipment, and lawn and garden equipment with not other junk mixed in. We usually get enough for a load every 2 weeks on average. These loads are primarily:
***Tools: Hand tools, power tools, air tools, and more.
***Shop Equipment: Compressors, generators, pressure washers, shop vacs, and more.
***Lawn and Garden: Riding movers, push ,m0owers, trimmers, chain saws, and more.
These loads run 10 to 24 pallets and start at $11,000 and go up based on size and contents. No individual pallets, complete lots only.
We only get a few of these a month so they are never just sitting around unsold. We keep a list of current tool buyers and send the loads out when we get them. These are the only loads with tools, shop equipment, and lawn and garden equipment without 80% junk fill we know of.
Please call if you are interested in getting on the current tool truckload customer list.
Hand tools, power tools, and shop equipment liquidations are among our most requested items. Surplus tools, and tool truckloads can be good moneymakers for auction houses, retail stores, eBay sellers, and flea markets. Truckloads of tool pallets can contain
Hand Tools Ratchet sets, wrenches, screwdrivers, and more
Power Tools Drills, routers, circular saws, table saws, reciprocating saws, and more
Shop Equipment Compressors, sprayers, pressure washers, rolling tool boxes, and more
And more popular products
Liquidation tools or surplus tools truckloads generally have a higher average retail price per piece than mixed general merchandise loads. That makes Tool Truckloads ideal for auctions and retail stores that like high average ticket sales. Well branded liquidation tool pallets can bring good bids on eBay.
Surplus tools and liquidation tools are sold by the truckload and can be DIRECT SHIPPED. Cut out the middleman with our Direct Distribution System.
Give one of our liquidation tools or salvage tools truckloads with tool pallets of hand tools, power tools, shop equipment, and more a try today. Call for details and pricing on Tool Truckloads.
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