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Housewares Truckloads
Mostly Corded Small Kitchen Appliances
housewares truckloads
housewares pallets
housewares small appliances
Finally housewares truckloads full of small kitchen appliances. These housewares truckloads contain pallets that are stacked high and heavy in corded small kitchen appliances like
Blenders, Crock Pots, Coffee Makers,Toasters, Toaster Ovens, Countertop Burners, Electric Skillets, and More.
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Many retailers currently pull the small kitchen appliances out of their general merchandise loads and sell them on B Stock and other websites for big money. When was the last time you got a general merchandise load with a good supply of corded small kitchen appliances?
These are excellent loads for retail stores or online stores.
Everyone wants corded small kitchen appliances in their stores
Good Wholesale Loads for Pallet Sales
Almost half of our customers that purchase these loads are pallet wholesalers. Some of them have received close to 100% return on their money, even including freight. Freight cost in the %10 to $100 per pallet range is not that big a deal when you have housewares truckloads pallets full of corded small kitchen appliances.
We are the only liquidator in the United States currently selling these housewares truckloads heavy in corded small kitchen appliances. They are priced to make money at the wholesale and retail level.
housewares mixers blenders
truckloads small appliances
FOB Las Vegas
Loads average 24 to 34 pallets. Shipping cost is not a big issue since it can be spread over all the pallets. There are not many opportunities to purchase housewares truckloads at reasonable prices.
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