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Retailers have a substantial investment in monthly rent or payments, fixtures, employees, insurance, licenses and related fees, and more expenses associated with the operation of a retail store. They need product that can successfully compete against the "Big Boys" while allowing enough profit margin to cover expenses and earn a good return. We have a large diverse apparel and footwear inventory. That helps our efforts to deliver many of the brands and styles that will get your customers lining up at the cash register and coming back for more.
We know the importance of customer service. When you order women's clothing by the piece we try to pull your order with your preferences in mind. When you purchase a full load or a men's or women's category from a load we look it over if you request. We can get you a general idea of brands, styles, and seasons which can vary quite a bit from load to load. Direct shipments from distribution centers are great for general merchandise and other items but it can be a real gamble when it comes to clothing with all the variables involved. A good load can make you good money but a bad load will cost you and can put a small store or wholesaler out of business.
Main advantage is selection. You can choose what you order by item, case. or run.
Cost is high. It is difficult to compete with large chain retailers and online sellers. Many small privately owned stores are going out of business
Main advantage is lack of investment in inventory. Other people provide the inventory when available.
Selection and continuous inventory is a problem. You depend on others for your inventory with little to no choices. You can have dry periods with little to no product.
Main advantage is cost which is usually a fraction of original wholesale. Buy and sell low.
A wide assortment of products with varying quality. Non authentic product is a problem. Lots of brokers and tiny distributors. Authenticity is a key issue.
There Are Some Great Apparel And Footwear Products To Be Had. Good Overstock Products Are Available Due To A High Level Of Overproduction and Purchasing At The Department Store Level. That Is Part Of The Industry. We Generally Do Not Deal In Customer Return Clothing Due To The Varying Degree Of Damages And The Fact There Is Plenty Of Good Overstock Product Out There.
Authentic Products
Jobbed Processed Products
Non authentic (Fake) clothing and footwear is abundant. The situation is the worse we have ever seen it. Beware of companies selling the most popular brands and styles. Products represented as manufacturers overruns can be trouble. Non authentic clothing can cost you a lot of money in lost customers, lost inventory, and legal fees.
Jobbed products are items that are processed and sold by Jobbers. These are usually large lots. Many of these items can be popular brands and styles. They can be overstock and/or returns. Many jobbed items require some level of defacing and delabeling. Logos and patches with the manufacturers name might need to be removed rendering the clothing near worthless.
We deal primarily in department store overstock. This should take the authenticity issue off the table. We have never had an authenticity issue with department store overstock.  It is the cleanest product we know of on the market today.
We deal in some jobbed products but we are sensitive to the level of delabeling and defacing. There are some good products where the level of such is minimal like a line drawn through the label. We much prefer department store overstock.
Why take chances with brokers or tiny distributors that sell through one load at a time be it good or bad. Many of them buy from us. Take advantage of our great selection and pricing. Give us a call today.
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