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What Happened to the US Retail Industry
Loosing Market Share
Most major US retailers have lost market share due to excessive competition. Online Stores, Discount Stores, Second Time Around Stores, Specialty Stores, and others have given consumers more choices than ever.
Loosing Profit Margin
Price cutting wars result which trims away at already low profit margins. Online businesses with low overhead have made it near impossible for most ground based retailers to maintain the good profit margins of the past.
Time to Tighten the Belt
Retailers have been forced to tighten their belts and do not let millions of dollars worth of unsold and customer returned inventory slip through the system anymore. Many retailers practice the following.

No more shelf pulls. Retailers attempt to liquidate in house offering extreme discounts up to 90%. This leads to the best portion of the inventories getting purchased by consumers at deep discounted prices.

Retailers and their jobbers know about eBay, Amazon, and other retail websites. Most retailers now use jobbers that rummage thorough their returns loads and remove the good items for sale on retail websites. The leftover merchandise makes for heavily damaged low value liquidation loads.

Pulling popular categories like housewares, tools, electronics, etc. out of their loads for sale on large auction websites where they bring top dollar.

These practices lead to liquidation loads that have had quite a bit of the better merchandise removed. There is nothing good about leftover liquidation loads.
We focus on niche loads and distribution channels that do not involve lots of merchandise being removed from retailer's overstock and returns loads for sale in retail and small wholesale markets. There are not many loads left like this but there are some. Our primary focus is this type of product at reasonable prices. You won't find much of it from the brokers or auction websites.
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