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Home Depot
Tools, Shop Equipment and Lawn and Garden Loads
Tools, Shop Equipment, Lawn and Garden, and More
These loads are a mix of shelf pulls and customer returns from The Home Depot. This is not a national program but a package we get from several regional Home Depot stores. They can contain:

Drills, Saws, Routers, Hand Tools, and More

Shop Equipment

Generators, Pressure Washers, Shop Vacs, and More

Lawn and Garden

Mowers, Hedge Trimmers, Chain Saws, and More

Home Depot does not provide a manifest with these loads. We will provide photos of the loads as we get them to give you an idea of what is in them.
This has been a popular program. Tools have been hard to come by for quite a while.
There is 1 other Home Depot programs we offer
Home Depot Hardware that is a mix of tools, shop equipment, lawn and garden equipment, door locks, and hardware. These loads are relatively inexpensive. They are manifested.
Currently we have been getting Lowe's Tool and Equipment loads that have a lot more tools and items like compressors, pressure washers, generators, etc. then the Home Depot loads. Please call for details.
Call for pricing on Home Depot loads.
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