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We have a large customer base that sells on eBay and other online web sites. Technology, listing software, digital imaging, and other things have progressed at a rapid pace over the last few years. One would imagine implementing these selling aids and steep learning curves would by the top source of frustration for successful eBay sellers.
The number one frustration we hear from eBay sellers both large and small is the challenge of sourcing good products on a continuous basis.
You may have your heart set on electronics, housewares, sporting goods, or some other category where you have personal interest and product knowledge. We encourage our customers to consider apparel and footwear for several reasons
It is one of the top categories browsed and searched by buyers on eBay. Sure there is competition but the buyers are there.
There is generally an abundance of overstock and shelf pulled products opposed to returns or salvage. This is a characteristic of the fashion industry.
Authenticity and Grey Market Goods
Do you think the manufacturers of the hot new $200.00 per pair jeans or the latest designer shoes want people selling their products on eBay and undercutting their distributors and retailers? Of course they don't. Do you really think small distributors have the ability to source and sell the most popular name brand products for prices well below what is offered at department stores and large established online vendors? You might want to familiarize yourself with a few things.
What are Grey Market Goods?
These goods can be anything from blatant knock offs to products manufactured in licensed factories but smuggled or diverted to the marketplace outside the normal distribution channels. When you deal in these products there is a good chance you are engaging in illegal activity that can wind up in your inventory being seized, a lawsuit, and all other kinds of trouble. It's hard to verify the source but if your items do not come from a department store, ask for a sanitized invoice or some form of legitimate documentation from the supplier.
A Few Other Items
Overstock and Shelf Pulls
Our personal favorite due to the consistency of the product and general low damage rates.
Customer Returns
Can be good with high retail values and good brand mix but there is a higher degree of damages.
Jobber Goods
Some can be OK but many require a level of defacing labels and logos that greatly reduce their value.
Manufacturer Overruns
Our least favorite. This is where we see all kinds of grey market products and highly defective irregulars.
At the end of the day we find department store overstock provides the most consistent product with the least amount of risk. We have experienced sellers, newbies, and sellers with varying degrees of experience that focus on department store overstock for that reason. Some of our more seasoned sellers will experiment with goods from other sources with the understanding of the risks involved. Many are not willing to risk the possible financial losses associated with returns loads, jobber goods, and grey market goods not to mention the potential lawsuits.
You can browse eBay and see popular brands selling for big dollars. Some of those products are legitimate, some are not. We encourage you to seek clean products from good sources. Upscale products come from upscale department stores, an excellent source! We can't guarantee the outcome but we can provide products from good sources that do not have the same downside risks of products coming from questionable sources.
We deal in desirable products that are legitimate. That's why eBay sellers trust us.
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