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Auction Websites
Many retailers are desperate to get the best money they can for their overstock and returns inventory. Competitive auction websites have become popular with many of these retailers.
What are competitive auction websites?
Several websites have sprung up that offer the retailers a platform to sell wholesale liquidation inventory to anyone with a tax ID number. A few of these websites have become quite large and contain tens if not hundreds of thousands of bidders. Generally the more bidders, the more the inventory sells for.

There is good and bad inventory offered on the auction websites. The good inventory is popular and draws lots of attention and bids. Good for the retailer but not for the buyer. Who wants to compete with a large group of bidders for a limited amount of product? You cant make money if you pay too much up front.

Should you buy your stores inventory on competitive auction websites?
We don't think so. A lot of the better inventory sells for a lot more than it used to before the auction websites. We believe the best inventory is purchased though niche programs and channels where the inventory is not heavily processed. That is how we purchase our inventory.
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