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Procedure to Purchase
Manifested Appliance Loads
We sell appliance truckloads 3 different ways.
***Manifest provided after the sale
***Manifest provided before the sale/2 types
Purchasing unmanifested loads-Manifest after the sale
You can pre-select the following:
***All scratch and dent, all returns, or a mix of both
***Kitchen and laundry mixed load or all Kitchen load
***Maximum price of the load
***Range of number of items in the load. ex: 50 to 60
We will invoice you for a standard load based on the categories and criteria you select. Invoice to be paid within 3 business days.
You are provided a load based on those categories and criteria within 4 to 7 days
A manifest is provided when the load is ready and you are refunded any amount over the invoiced amount.
The load is shipped to you. Turnaround usually less than 7 days.
Purchasing manifested appliance loads - Manifest before the sale
This where you purchase a load based on a specific manifest you see ahead of purchase. You have no obligation to purchase the first or any manifest you receive. You can wait until you see the manifest you like.

Good manifested loads usually sell in a hour or two after becoming available. The ones full of gas dryers, dishwashers, and over the counter microwaves are always available. The best time to get good loads is right after they become available. We keep a current list of all customers that purchase manifested loads and send out the fresh availability as we get it. We usually get fresh loads 2 or 3 times a week. That's 2 or 3 times a week you get a shot at a nice appliance load. It doesn't take long.
Once you select a load for purchase All Prime Products purchases it from Lowe's and we assigned to you. This is done right after you order it. You don't have to run to the bank and pay for it right away. All Prime Products is responsible for shipping the load within 5 days after purchases.

We need assurance that the customer will complete the sale after ordering it based on an individual manifest. If they do not we have to ship the load to a cross dock warehouse and store it until it is subsequently sold. That can add $2,000 to the cost in shipping, handling, and storage.

We ask that customers who want to purchase loads based on manifests provided before purchase to submit a refundable $2,000 deposit. This deposit is strictly to cover the cost of moving and storing a load if the customer orders a manifested load and does not make payment in a timely fashion. That is the only reason for the deposit. Otherwise the deposit is applied in full to the load you purchase. You can request the deposit be refunded anytime up to the time you order a load. It will be refunded in full promptly with no charges or fees. If you are serious about purchasing an appliance load this is the best way to go.

We start sending current availability once we have the deposit which allows the customer to purchase a load based on a manifest provided before the sale. You can order the load of your choice with a phone call or email and we will secure it immediately. You don't have to run to the bank like the brokers require. You have no extra cost in purchasing a load based on a manifest provided before the purchase.
Purchasing manifested appliance loads - Manifest before the sale/Unpaid orders
There are a few buyers that order loads and are not able to make payment or change their minds after ordering. We have 5 days to ship that load to a different buyer or move the load to a cross dock warehouse which adds substantial cost to the load These loads are usually broadcast out to our entire customer base or at least the appliance buyers. They are usually discounted off regular price to move quickly. A deposit is not required but payment must be made quickly so the load can be shipped to the buyer rather than moved to a storage facility.
We have dealt with Lowe's for over 15 years and have sold many appliance loads. Most loads are excellent and many come with some form of warranty you can offer to your customers. The vast majority of companies that sell these loads are brokers and many can't pay for a load until you pay them. The problem with this system is the load usually is sold well before you get the broker payment. At that point you have a lot of money in the hands of a broker for a load that has already been sold. Those stories don't always end well. All we do is take a small deposit to cover any cost that could be associated with not completing an order. You don't pay for the load until right before it is ready to ship. You don't have to run to the bank and try to get the load paid for before someone else buys it. We buy it right after you order it and invoice you later. We treat our customers with high level if service and professionalism.
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