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Target.com Furniture Loads
Good Quality Furniture Loads
Great Low Pricing
These loads consist of a mix of overstock and returns from target.com. Items can include:
Dining Room Table and Chairs, Sofas, Recliners, Sectionals, Beds, Chests, Nightstands, Armoires, Bookcases, Entertainment Centers, Cedar Chests, Desks, Resin Furniture, Children's Furniture, Patio Furniture, and More.
target.com loads are internet catalog returns loads and differ from store loads in several aspects.
target.com loads include a much wider selection of furniture than the store returns loads The store returns are limited to a few aisles of space at the store which caters to primarily low income customers. Lots of cheap and/or knock down furniture. target.com loads have no retail space limitation and carry a wide range if furniture for a wide range of budgets. Lots of nice items like sofas, love seats, dining room sets, etc...
Catalog and internet loads tend to run much cleaner than store returns loads. Many items are returned for the simple reason the actual item received was different than the photo on the computer in the eyes of the buyer. This is considered a "remorse return". Nothing wrong with the product. It just did not work for the individual customer that ordered it.
  When people order furniture off a 2D photo on the internet their perception of it can be quite different than what it is when they receive it. Too big, wrong color, wrong shape, etc... Lots of remorse returns in these loads. 80% to 90% of these loads are usually good sellable items. Poor loads are infrequent. These are some of the best and most consistent loads we get.
  Credits for merchandise ordered online are not usually issued until the item is received back by the vendor. Buyers tend to try to make sure the item is returned in top condition so they get a full refund and don't get charged and fees or penalties.
  Furniture is less than ideal to repackage and re-sell individually on liquidation websites. That way the nice remorse returns get in the truckloads we offer.
target.com loads are fully manifested so you see what you get before ordering. The retail prices of the individual items on the manifests tend to be more realistic than what you see on many other furniture manifests where the retail prices can be inflated 2 times to 4 times actual value. Target is a national retailer and they tend to manage prices closely
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