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A lot of our mattress and furniture loads offer your customers very desirable branded items. Mattress brands include Sealy, Stearns, and Foster, Simmons, and Serta. Furniture brands include Sealy, Lane, Klausner, Ashley, United, ands more. Buyers want these products but they are expensive to buy retail. They also can require large cash outlays.
Branded furniture and mattresses are what most people want and will be willing to stretch for.
Big ticket items can be a struggle to purchase. Most large retailers offer financing to allow their customers to get what they want without large cash outlays or credit card debt. This leads to many sales that would not happen without financing. Many buyers will be willing to pay higher prices on financed purchases. Many don't haggle over a few extra bucks a month. They are happy to walk out with their new mattress or sofa. The retailer is typically paid in a day or two. The finance company handles the payments.
On site financing used to be complicated and somewhat exclusive to larger operations. Not any more. There are lots of online consumer financing companies that offer instant approvals that can lead to increased sales and higher prices for the seller. We notice our customers that offer financing to their customers purchase more frequently. Many say they get much better prices for their products when financing. There is less haggling when large cash outlays are not required for purchases.
Here are several companies that offer online financing options. There are many more. We do not recommend any of them. We believe this is a tool that stores that sell big ticket items like furniture and mattresses should consider.

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