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K Mart MOS/Store Closing Truckloads
Marked Out Stock. Mostly Shelf Pulls.
K Mart MOS truckloads are mostly shelf pulls and can contain anything from the store. They are unsorted loads. Housewares, tools, toys, hardware, domestics/bedding, apparel, home decor, electronics, and more. The best part is most of it is shelf pulls. Loads like this are almost gone from the current marketplace. Most retailers sell their shelf pulls online on retail sites like eBay or on small lot auction sites where they get top dollar. They do the same with their clean returns.
K Mart is continuing to close stores which results in lots of unsold inventory. This program wont last forever but it is still producing some of the highest value loads for the money on the market. Items in the loads can come from existing store shelf pulls and/or store closing inventories. A few returns can find their way in but these are majority shelf pulls and unsold inventory.
K Mart MOS truckloads are generally 48 to 52 pallets. Piece counts routinely range from 40,000 to 50,000 pieces. Retail values routinely range from $250,000 to $380,000. Lots of $$$ and lots of pieces in each truckload.
Many loads cost per piece is only .25 to .30 each.
Cost per pallet on truckloads only $250 to $260. Cheap enough for pallet wholesale.
Great for bin stores and standard shelf stores.
Great pricing for a load that is majority shelf pulls.
This is one of the few unsorted loads left on the market.
The majority of items are shelf pulls and store closing inventory. Great Loads.
Call for availability and pricing.
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