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We carry a broad range of liquidated and closeout products that sell rapidly. Many lots are unique, no two are the same. As such our pricing and characteristics of our lots change rapidly as well. Estimated average retails, brand breakdowns, supply, and other attributes figure into the pricing of an individual lot. We try to offer you the best price on the products we offer given the daily market. Pricing holds steady on some products for periods of time while other products fluctuate daily. We do not print comprehensive pricing lists because they usually become obsolete by the end of the day. Please call for current product details and pricing.

How Some Products Are Offered

Apparel and Footwear

By the truckload or container-These are large quantities generally purchased by exporters and US based retailers with large stores and multiple locations.

By the complete lot-This is a clothing lot in the complete form we receive it from the retailer. It can be men's, women's, children's, or any combination. Complete lots are not truckloads. They can range in size from relatively small to quite sizeable. Two major advantages of complete lots

    • Pricing-We can direct ship these lots from the retailer to you cutting out the costs of extra shipping and handling associated with warehoused goods.
    • Lot selection-You can choose lots based on your criteria. They are higher retail better branded lots. There are moderate retail moderate priced lots. There are price point lots which are very low cost. Once we know what you are looking for we can help you select the appropriate lot.

By the piece-We bring truckloads and complete lots into our warehouse and assemble them into set quantities like 300 pieces, 500 pieces, and so on. These are poplar with small stores or for those looking to add a little more inventory in a specific area they need like plus sizes, juniors, sportswear and so on.

By the pallet-Usually used clothing is sold in bulk like in pallets or bails. We do not deal in those products.

General Merchandise, Tools, Sporting Goods, Some Housewares, Some Domestics.

By the truckload-This is the preferred method. The products can be direct shipped from the retailers distribution center to you with no stops at middlemen's warehouses. This keeps shipping and handling costs to a minimum and protects against Cherry Picking by the middlemen.

By the pallet-We recommend truckloads or at least half loads on most of these products. We have low cost truckloads and half truckloads for those on a tight budget where you can take advantage of the lower pricing and lack of Cherry Picking inherent in direct shipped loads.

Housewares, Domestics, Tools, and a Few Others

By the pallet-We offer a few high end housewares and domestics pallets that can be purchased in 3 to 5 pallet lots. Some can even be direct shipped from the retailers distribution centers. We offer a few tool pallet lots as well.


Most Common Shipping Methods

Truckload-This is a truck that loads at one point like a retailers distribution center and delivers directly to you. The truck can be full but that is not a requirement. You receive the full contents of the truck.

LTL (Less Than a Truckload)-This is how many pallets are shipped. It is most economical for many clothing lots and pallet lots of 8 or less. Delivery can be commercial, residential, or you can pickup at the terminal.

UPS-We usually use UPS for small clothing lots.

Container-A freight container used for export. The container can be sent to the loading point on a flat bed truck and loaded at that point. Once the truck reaches the port is is picked up with a crane and loaded on the cargo ship.

Over the Rail-A container is loaded on a flat bed truck and transported to the train depot. It is then loaded on a train and transported to a depot near the receiver. It is then placed on a flat bed truck and delivered to the receiver. This method can save money on long hauls.

We can arrange your domestic shipping

We Can Save You Money On Shipping With Our Volume Discounts

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