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We have many products exported to different countries. Every country has different requirements as far as documentation required. For some countries this is a very easy process with minimal details required. Some countries require many details of the items to be exported. You will need the services of a Freight Forwarder to handle these details. If you have exported before, you already know about this but if you are new to exporting, here is some information that can be useful.

Freight Forwarder-Handles the documentation required for export to your country. Proper documentation is necessary for an easy release of the goods to you once in your country. The Freight Forwarder can also handle the shipping as well as initial freight quotes.

Commercial Invoice-An invoice with a description and value of the goods exported. Some countries require minimal detail others require detailed invoices with packing lists. The Freight Forwarder will know this.

Country of Origin-A document showing the country each item was made in. Many countries do not require these but some do. Your Freight Forwarder will know this.

Container-The container the goods are shipped in. Generally a 20 foot or 40 foot high cube.

We recommend consulting with a Freight Forwarder before exporting for the first time. That way you will have some knowledge of cost and documentation required.

We Have Great Products To Offer For Export


Designer Clothing, Low Cost Clothing, Domestics and Bedding, Housewares, General Merchandise From Major Department Stores, Tools, Toys, Sporting Goods, and Much More.

USA clothing fashions are popular in may countries. We can offer you high fashion clothing but we can also offer low cost clothing where low price is important. We offer a great selection of footwear along with domestics and bedding in popular USA brands and styles. We offer mixed general merchandise loads from popular USA department store that can contain tools, hardware, sporting goods, housewares, toys, lawn and garden items, electronics, clothing, and much more. Many are low cost loads.

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