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Direct Shipped Loads

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DIRECT Shipments vs Pallets and Warehoused Goods

We have contracts with many different retailers to sell their overstock and returned products. Some lots we bring to our warehouse for division to smaller lots or common items. There is cost associated with this due to the shipping and labor involved. We primarily warehouse clothing and footwear due to the assortment of styles, seasons, and brands and try to match up the right products with the right buyers. Most of the other products we sell can be delivered directly from the company's distribution centers to the ultimate user (you).

The extra shipping from the retailer to us and us to you adds a substantial cost to the products. Shipping can wind up representing over half the cost in inexpensive loads like general merchandise if you're not careful. One shipment is all that is necessary.

The products are not always packed as well as they could be. Every time the pallets are shipped and handled, some of the products will sustain damage. The less they are handled. the better their condition when they arrive to you. One DIRECT trip from the retailer to you is the best for the products.

Products are commonly "Selectively Removed" (Cherry Picked) by distributors before shipping to their customers. They all say they don't do this yet is a common practice in the industry. This can have a big effect on an electronics load where 90% of the value of the load resides in 10% of the merchandise. If that 10% is removed, what's left? All loads are vulnerable to Cherry Picking. DIRECT Shipments are the best insurance against this.

Some loads have products that come in multiple boxes. The boxes can make it into different pallets. If you split up the pallets, you can lose the sets. Taking the full load gives you a better opportunity at getting more complete products.

When you figure in these and other factors, individually purchased pallets can wind up costing you 2 to 3 times per item as if they were purchased as a truckload. A profit can quickly turn into a substantial loss. Trying out a few pallets can be unproductive as you have no clear view of what DIRECT complete loads is like or its profit potential. We recommend full loads with many products. Give yourself the best opportunity!

If you can't purchase a truckload and take advantage of the potential higher profit margins, we do offer some pallets. You can't expect the same returns when purchasing pallets over truckloads but you can get started. Some of the pallets can even be DIRECT SHIPPED if you are close enough to the distribution center.

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